The Season is Wrapped Up

So my basketball season is wrapping up, our last game is this weekend. This season was what you could call a disaster but compared to last season it was better. We have won a total of 5 games. Which is pretty terrible considering we had like a good 20 games. All of our games were close though, we usually lost by like 6 points or we just got destroyed. Last season no games were won and the scores were never close. So this season was definitely an improvement. We tried our best sometimes but hopefully summer league will be better. Our team next year should be better as well after working on our problems in the summer. Let’s just hope for the best and get better as my coach always says. Personally I think my performance this season was okay. The first 2 games I scored 6 points in each game, then I got concussed and I was out for 5 weeks. So I really only played for like 4 weeks this season but oh well. Next season will be better.


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