Snakes are unstoppable nowadays. I have been attacked by them multiple times. My dear friends have also been viciously attacked and it’s really taken a toll on all of us. This whole school is in a state of crippling depression. It all started with this one girl, let’s call her Tileonard. Then this girl by the name of Corn decided to come in and now she’s actually okay and we’re on a good path together. Then Olive Green came around and she really confuses me to a point that I cannot even explain. Now I and everyone else are at the point where nothing matters and no one cares. Is that okay? Not really but for now it’s gonna have to be okay. All I can say is don’t let the snakery get to you. I have managed to do that and I’m doing pretty fantastic. Even when I’m struggling I manage and stay a happy penguin, you all should too.

Image result for snake emoji


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